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Customs Duty Guide

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Definition of Customs Duty

Customs duty is a levy or tax applied to commodities during their movement across international borders. The objective of Customs Duty is to safeguard the economy, residents, employment, environment, and other aspects of each country by managing the movement of goods. This is particularly crucial for regulating the flow of restricted and prohibited items into and out of the nation.

Guide of Paying Customs Duty

  1. All shipments originating from Hong Kong and destined for countries other than Hong Kong are classified as international shipments. Consequently, buyers are obligated to pay customs duties.

  2. The prices listed for Uniqbe’s products do not include customs duties or taxes. Additionally, the shipping fees we impose do not cover any duties or taxes. Therefore, buyes are required to handle the payment of customs duty independently.

  3. The taxation amount may vary based on factors such as the shipment’s origin, product type, product value, and package weight. Different countries often uphold diverse tax policies concerning specific products. It is advisable to seek clarification from the local customs authority to ascertain the applicable taxes.

  4. Uniqbe disclaims any coverage of customs duties or taxes. Buyers bear the responsibility for clearing Value Added Tax (VAT) on all acquisitions from Uniqbe. The VAT clearance process is to be facilitated through the local customs authority in the destination country.

  5. Upon the parcel’s arrival in the destination country, the customs or courier service will initiate contact with the buyer to facilitate the collection of import duties, taxes, or any other customs-related charges.

  6. It is important to note that Uniqbe bears no responsibility for delays incurred due to processes conducted by the customs department in the destination country.

  7. For any orders returned by customs, whether due to under-declared value or other reasons, customers are responsible for the return and restocking fees. It’s important to note that in such cases, only a partial refund for the item is permissible.

  8. Please be advised that certain governments may offer customs duty exemptions or establish minimum thresholds for taxation. We recommend consulting with the relevant authorities to ensure compliance and avoid any potential additional tax charges.

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