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Dead on Arrival (DOA) Situation Guide

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Definition of DOA

Dead on Arrival (DOA) is a term commonly used to describe a product, typically an electronic device or appliance, that is found to be non-functional or defective as soon as it is received by the customer, right out of the box. When a product is labeled as DOA, it means it did not work from the moment it was unpacked or turned on.

Policies of DOA

  1. The dead-on arrival (DOA) is for a maximum of 7 days from the date of receipt. DOA products are eligible for a one-to-one replacement, contingent upon the return of the goods to our facility in Hong Kong and an inspection of the device.

  2. For devices identified as DOA, buyers are responsible for the shipping fee to send the replacement item back to our Hong Kong facility. We will cover the return shipping to their shipping destination.

  3. The ownership of items subject to a DOA claim will be transferred back to Uniqbe. Consequently, the customer must refrain from using the device. Any evidence indicating that the device has been used after raising a DOA claim may lead to the rejection of the claim. This measure is in place to prevent further damage to the device.

  4. DOA-claimed devices should be shipped back within 7 days, with evidence of return shipping, such as a trackable airway bill number, to be provided within the same 7-day timeframe. In cases of exceptional circumstances that prevent the customer from meeting this deadline, it is imperative to inform Uniqbe. In such cases, an extension may be granted after due consideration.

  5. Devices under DOA claims are required to be kept in their original condition and should not be used. All accessories must also be returned.

  6. If a customer rejects a device upon receiving it for any reason, they must not activate the software and operating system of the device. If there is reason to believe that a customer resumed using the device (activated it) despite claiming it to be defective, their coverage for one-to-one replacement under the DOA claim may be forfeited, and the claim may be denied and rejected.

Process for Initiating a DOA Product Claim

  1. Fill out the RMA (Return Material Authorization) Request Form with item details, which is available for download.

  2. Email the completed form along with clear images or videos of the issue to
  3. Upon RMA approval, you will receive a confirmation with the RMA number.

  4. Ship the item back to the company, making sure the RMA form is securely attached to the parcel.

  5. Provide the shipment details.

  6. Upon receipt, the company will either ship out a new replacement if the item is in stock, or proceed with a refund if the item is out of stock.

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