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Warranty Claim Guide

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Scope of Coverage​

  1. The limited warranty for the following items (see list below) is covered by the limited warranty for the first 12-months from the date of delivery of the product.
    • Cellular Phones/Mobile Phones
    • Tablets
    • Headphones/Earphones
    • Digital Cameras/SLRs  
    • Game Consoles 
    • MP3/MP4 Playback Devices

  2. Other categories of products not listed here but available for purchase through Uniqbe Limited’s webstore may or may not be included with a limited warranty. Please enquire about warranty if unsure.

  3. Accessories like internal battery (whether removable or non-removable), USB data cables and earpieces that come with the product in the original box are excluded from warranty coverage.

  4. The exterior of the handset (external housing; metal uni-body, glass or plastic etc) shall be free of defects at the time of shipment and, therefore, shall not be covered under these limited warranty terms.

  5. LCD/Display defects primarily dead/bright pixels are eligible for warranty only if it exceeds the minimum of 4 dead (or) bright pixels.

  6. Uniqbe Limited will not responsible for any network relating problem. Please refer this to the respected network. 

To whom is the warranty claim available?​

The limited warranty extends only to the ORIGINAL PURCHASER. This limited warranty coverage is not transferable or re-assignable to the subsequent purchaser. Upon request from Uniqbe Limited or its dealer, the purchaser must provide purchase receipt or other information to prove the date and place of purchase. 

Warranty Exclusions: Non-Covered Conditions

The buyer shall have no coverage or benefits under this limited warranty if any of the following conditions are applicable:

  1. The product has been subject to: abnormal use, abnormal condition, improper storage, exposure to moisture or dampness, exposure to excessive temperature or other such environmental conditions, unauthorized modifications, unauthorized connections, unauthorized repair including but not limited to use of unauthorized spare parts in repairs, misuse, neglect, abuse, accident, alteration, improper installation, Acts of God, spill of foods or liquids, maladjustment of customer controls or other acts which are beyond of reasonable control of Uniqbe Limited, including deficiencies in consumable parts such as fuses and breakage or damage to antennas, unless caused directly by defects in materials or workmanship, and normal wear and tear of the Product. 
  2. The product was used with or connected to an accessory not supplied by its original manufacturer. 
  3. The battery was short circuited or the seals of the battery enclosure or cells are broken or visible evidence of tampering of the battery or the battery was used in equipment other that for which is has been designed for. 
  4. The device has received water-damage by either being partially submerged, fully submerged or used in a manner where the device is exposed to moisture that will harm its electronic components.
  5. IP-rated/Waterproof devices that receive water-damage will void its warranty.

Possible Incurred Costs

  1. Transportation, delivery and handling charges incurred in the transport of the product to Uniqbe Limited will be borne by the buyer.

  2. The buyer will be notified for any parts or labor charges not covered by this limited warranty. The buyer shall be responsible for expenses related to reinstallation of the Product. 

  3. Expenses related to removing the product from an installation are not covered under this limited warranty. 

Steps of Warranty Claim

  1. Fill out the RMA (Return Material Authorization) Request Form, available for download at xxx, with item details.

  2. Email the completed form along with clear images or videos of the issue to

  3. Upon RMA approval, you will receive a confirmation with the RMA number.

  4. Ship the item back to us, ensuring that the RMA form is securely attached to the parcel.

  5. Provide us with the shipment details.

  6. Repair process starts upon our receipt of the item and typically takes 4 to 5 weeks.
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