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How to Find Targeted Audiences for Your E-commerce Store/Online Business

Targeted Audiences

Effective marketing starts with understanding your audience by knowing the right audience to target with tailored content to those genuinely interested in your offerings. Focus on those statistically likely to convert for optimal results and business growth. Targeted audiences need to be further identified to what they’re into and how to get their attention.

Understanding Your Products or Services

Many eCommerce businesses make a common mistake in this crucial step. For instance, instead of broadly targeting “homeowners,” it’s essential to pinpoint a more specific audience. For a lighting company, this might mean focusing on 20-something graduates purchasing their first property or growing families seeking a larger home. By narrowing down your audience, you can create tailored content that better captures their interest.

Utilize existing information if you’re an established business instead of starting from scratch. Instead of guessing who might be interested in your offerings, check the facts.

Optimize Your Business Insights with Existing Data

Review the past purchases of your products or services to gain valuable insights into potential customers. While you may not have detailed information like age or household income unless you’ve conducted a survey, you can ascertain gender and location from standard sales data, which are crucial factors. Knowing the location is especially important if you plan to incorporate local marketing terms and keywords in your SEO strategy.

Monitor Competitors’ Action

Even if your business dominates a niche sector, there are likely eCommerce counterparts with similarities. Who are they trying to reach?

Visit their website to understand their target audience. Analyze the tone of their text and the topics covered in their blog posts. Explore comments on the blog for insights into audience engagement. Drawing inspiration from similar businesses in your field can be beneficial as you identify and define your own audience.

Stay Flexible to Expand Your Audiences

While it’s crucial to avoid broad generalizations and target a specific audience, it’s possible to go too far. Here’s an example:

Consider a high-end red lipstick – it’s tempting to focus solely on professional, bold women aged 20 to 40. However, exclusive targeting risks overlooking potential customers. It’s essential to explore tangents occasionally.

Who else might seek an expensive red lipstick? Perhaps a caring husband or boyfriend, or a teenager searching for the perfect Mother’s Day gift. Especially during holidays, our target audience can shift, so flexibility is key.


In today’s digital era, we have unprecedented opportunities for global exposure. A well-timed Tweet or Facebook post can elevate a local eCommerce business to international acclaim. This has led many businesses to contemplate expanding their services with international shipping.

Yet, it’s crucial not to assume that the target audience in another country mirrors that of the United States. Identifying potential customers abroad requires effort. Take makeup, for instance. While in the US, it’s mainly worn by women, in South Korea, men wearing cosmetics is completely normal. It’s essential to consider how our products resonate overseas.

Keep Your Audience Interested

After pinpointing your target audience, the next crucial step is to capture and maintain their interest. This involves crafting content that specifically resonates with your audience. For local services, a highly effective approach is optimizing your content with local keywords. For instance, if you provide window cleaning in Santa Monica or roofing in Scottsdale, incorporating these specific terms can significantly enhance visibility. Relevant content fosters a connection with your audience, paving the way for the initial steps toward conversion.

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