Uniqbe Group in Social Service

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19th September 2020

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 crisis, a great sense of uncertainty and insecurity have been created within our societies. For a company like ours, in which every employee counts, we too have felt the impact of this new reality and we had to adapt swiftly to new situations, challenges and difficulties.

Without a doubt, the great efforts put in by each and every one of us (and our families) made it possible to overcome the challenges that had arisen during this period. Because of this Uniqbe Europe decided to end the year with gratitude by giving back to the very society in which we owe our success largely to.

Last Christmas, we connected with organizations that are closest to the most vulnerable group in Spain. Our contribution to the Banco de Alimentos will allow this Foundation to continue its work of reaching out to more than 190,000 people. Our participation in several Cruz Roja and Caritas projects –“ayuda a familias en fidicultad” y “esta navidad más cerca que nunca”- will help both NGOs in continuing their work to assist families without resources, the unemployed and the elderly.

The entire Uniqbe Europe team hopes that these efforts will remind ourselves of what we can achieve through unity and may we can soon return to normalcy without anyone being left behind.