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Uniqbe Wins AliExpress Oversea Warehouse Award


Recognition: AliExpress Oversea Warehouse Award

Launching worldwide isn’t just a saying—it’s a pulse-pounding journey! Picture this: You’ve heard the cliché “think global from day one,” but it’s no cakewalk. It’s a rollercoaster of challenges to be conquered! We are very grateful to be nominated and to receive the AliExpress Oversea Warehouse Award.

From logistical labyrinths to cultural frontiers and communication barricades, the global marketplace is a wild adventure in the making. For within every hurdle lies an opportunity to ascend to greater heights!

Fast forward to 2020—a year of unprecedented twists and turns. Amidst the chaos, we triumphed, seizing the esteemed AliExpress Oversea Warehouse Award! Yes, you heard it right—we’ve shone on AliExpress Plaza, Spain’s vibrant hub!

Spain isn’t just a blip on the map; it’s AliExpress’s fourth largest market globally! Rubbing shoulders with titans like China and Brazil, to be able to set up our business here and furthermore – to be recognized and to receive such an award is one of the most humbling success for us at Uniqbe.

Localization Strategy for Market Entry, no walk in the park days until the award

To be honest we were never in this for any award. To be courageous, intrepid, to expand our outreach to other parts of the world has been the forward way of thinking for us.

Three years ago, when our store launched, success was hard-won. Anticipating tough competition from local rivals, we recognized the importance of effective localization. This strategy, if executed correctly, could be the game-changing factor for market entry. Our team engaged in continuous learning and analysis of Spanish customers’ behaviors, striving to understand their purchase motivations. Despite heartfelt efforts, the initial plans failed to generate any sales. In a bid to not give up we realized the need for our store to evolve and capture the interest of Spaniards. Significantly, we improved product images and the store’s front page, crucial elements for customers’ initial impressions. Given the brief attention span of three seconds, we aimed to convey a message that resonated with the local population.

Basically, building a strong customer relationship is crucial for confidence, credibility, and loyalty. To cater to our Spanish customers, fluency in Spanish was a requirement for our customer service representatives. Understanding Spanish behaviors was vital for increased customer conversion. Small gestures, like a friendly intro in messages, played a significant role in customer relationships, resulting in recurring customers. Furthermore beyond language, our team was well-versed in product details, providing effective solutions and having the right authority limits for customer interactions. The team’s cooperation was key, emphasizing a unified goal.
This accolade celebrates Uniqbe’s exceptional contributions to the Spanish market, solidifying its position as a key player in the dynamic world of online retail. Confidently, it is the secret mix that leads us to winning the Aliexpress Oversea Award.

Local Spain Delivery and Enhanced Visibility

Our key advantage lies in local Spain delivery, ensuring goods are warehoused and shipped directly for a competitive 3-day delivery. Daily shipment reviews maintain order fulfillment accuracy. Collaborating with local YouTubers and Ali Express through live shows, lucky draws, and campaigns enhances store visibility. A Madrid office expedites return procedures and supports potential future expansion. Beyond long-term profit, being the official Xiaomi distributor in Spain earns customer trust. Our team stays updated on Spain’s holidays and current events to anticipate and address potential issues or opportunities, ensuring a proactive approach to challenges like weather-related delays or sales opportunities during festivals.

Acknowledgment of team’s success

We are very honoured indeed to receive the AliExpress Oversea Warehouse Awards and the trophy does not only speak of the store’s success, but also our team’s success; working hard to drive in traffic to the store, putting up attractive offers, catering to customer’s needs and resolving issues quickly. We tend to work on the broader tasks together but the original division of labour has persisted and it works very well to keep things flowing.

2020 was a great year despite the challenges that we face, however 2021 will become even greater! After all, we are Uniqbe, we are different, we deliver our commitments.

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